The provision of a building wide audio visual installation for a client in the oil & gas sector.

Our solution saw a total of 12no. meeting rooms featuring presentation, soft-client video conferencing, architectural connectivity and control installed. Also installed was a “Town Hall” solution for presentations, events, conferences and public addresses.

In addition we also specified and delivered a Command and Control room for emergency situations. Within the meeting rooms we worked closely with the architects, designers, client and other contractors to ensure a joined up approach in the solution.

We installed LG commercial displays ranging in size from 55” to 75” with HD video cameras and table microphones for video conferencing.

Connectivity was provided via AMX Hydraports installed flush-mounted to the meeting room tables to allow for connection to the screen, charging of devices, connection to the client’s network and access to power.

Each system was controlled via a push-button controller which was programmed to provide simple operation for the wide variety of non-technical users.

We featured auto-switching and source recognition to make the experience as intuitive as possible.

Our “Town Hall” solution had to be flexible as it would be used for everything from staff meetings, events and conferences. We installed a pro-grade audio system to give great speech and music reproduction. We also installed a ceiling recessed projector and screen on drop down mounts. There are high levels of ambient light within the area this was installed so care was taken to install an appropriate projector and screen.

The system is controlled via a simple push-button controller and mixer within a portable audio rack.

Our Command & Control solution allows for the use of AV equipment during any emergency situation which may arise.

Our system features an 86” touchscreen and 2no. 65” screens. The touchscreen allows for annotation and presentation. We also provided matrix and switching equipment to allow for any one of 18 PCs to be shown on screen. The 65” screens allow for the press team and emergency services to monitor local and international news coverage in the event of an emergency.